CHEAL Hangover Patch

by Cheal

  • Cheal has new unique compound specially formulated to minimize hangovers.
  • Includes B1 and B complex together with DHM, NAC, Milk Thistle and Glutathione. All organic ingredients.
  • Just stick the patch on 40 min before drinking alcohol and keep it for 8 hours - feel better next day.
  • Transparent and discreet; latex free; no caffeine; easy to use; Made in USA
  • Hangover patch size: 1.88x1.88inch.  

Ingredients per patch

B1 - 5mg
B Complex - 2.3mg
Green Tea - 1.3mg
DHM - 3mg
Glutathione - 5mg
Milk Thistle - 1000mcg
NAC - 1000mcg