What is CHEAL?

CHEAL is the hangover-fighting patch that’s easy to stick, and easy to hide. Delivering essential minerals and supplements directly through the skin, CHEAL helps to replenish your body overnight and make life easier for you the next morning. 


Hangovers are caused by when your body is depleted of essential elements. Your body needs these elements to help you recover from a big night out. The time-release formulation of our patches lets your body absorb those nutrients through your pores. As CHEAL replaces those elements overnight, your body has what it needs to balance your emotional and physical processes, minimizing the effects of a hangover.

How do I use CHEAL?

Stick on a self-adhesive CHEAL patch about 45 minutes before you go out. Keep it on for 8 hours and you’ll be surprised how much better you feel in the morning! All the critical nutrients you need to feel your best are delivered through this simple patch. After 8 hours, peel it off and throw it away!

Is it organic?

CHEAL’s proprietary formula is only made with organic ingredients that provide a safe-yet-potent level of effectiveness. These aren’t generic elements or supplements – we source the highest-quality raw materials, and we think you’ll feel the difference. Each CHEAL patch provides B1 and B-complex with DHM, NAC, Milk Thistle and Glutathione. This formulation helps to ease the physical discomfort and irritability that make hangovers so unpleasant.

How does patch look?

Barely. CHEAL is very discreet. Transparent and almost invisible.

Is CHEAL manufactured in the USA?

Yes, Cheal is manufactured in USA.

Is CHEAL FDA approved?

CHEAL is a nutritional supplement and does not require FDA approval and can’t be approved by the FDA. However, all products are manufactured in FDA approved and cGMP certified facilities.